11 Things You Won’t Find in Charleston, South Carolina

By Mark A. Leon

There are many wonderful exciting things in Charleston, South Carolina, but like any place, it has its limitations.  Sometimes, they are based on lack of demand, culture, need or the population just doesn’t yearn for it.  Looking at our region and other regions around the nation, we found some things that Charleston, SC just doesn’t have.  Here are a list of 11 things Charleston just doesn’t have.

Things You Won’t Find in Charleston, South Carolina

  • Carnival Rides or a Game Room at the local area beaches – If you are used to the Ferris Wheel or Zipper on the beach with a little Skee-ball thrown in, this is not the area for you.  We just don”t offer those amenities.
  • Waterfalls – South Carolina has some beautiful waterfalls, but you will have to travel three to four hours to see them.
  • Mountains – If it is the Appalachian or Blue Ridge Mountains you crave, hop in a car or the bus and wait four hours to strap on that gear.
  • Zoo – The closest you will come to petting a giraffe is the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, SC (90 minute drive).  Back in the day, Hampton Park had a small petting zoo.  Nothing crazy, but it has been nearly 40 years since that has closed its doors.  We must acknowledge that there is a small intimate zoo as part of your admission to Charlestowne Landing with a bear, buffalo, timberwolves and a porcupine.
  • Racetrack (Car or horse) – Do you love the ponies?  You will only catch those races on television, not in Charleston.  If you want a great Nascar race, head to Charlotte or Darlington Motor Speedways for some action.
  • Land Based Casinos –  Your luck has run out here.
  • Theme/Amusement ParkCarowinds, just south of Charlotte is your closest option for an all day theme park fun fest day.  Leave early as it will take you almost 3 hours to arrive.
  • Drive-In Movie Theater – The Highway 21 Drive-In in Beaufort, SC is a great evening trip.  Just 1 hour and 15 minute drive and $7.50 a person will get you two great new movies.  Yet, you won’t find that locally here in Charleston.  We do try with movies on the beach and in the park during the Spring and Summer months.
  • 24-Hour Diner (Aside from Waffle House or Huddle House).  If you love these two chains, you are fine, but if you desire a good local family owned diner where you can sip coffee, eat pancakes and ponder life all night, you are not going to succeed in your journey here.
  • Great coffee house opened past 10:00 PM – I do my best thinking over coffee at 1 AM, but my creative juices do have limitations in Charleston.
  • Digital Parking Meters with an App – From Asheville, NC to Minneapolis, MN, more and more cities offer digital meters with an app to pay remotely if more time is added.  We are quite a bit behind in this space.

There you have it.  Did we miss anything?  Please leave a comment below.


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