Broad Street at 4 AM

From the Rutledge House to the Spencer Art Gallery, there is nothing more romantic than Broad Street at 4 AM.  Passing under gas lamps and seeing the faint writing on the tombstones behind St Michaels, we are but visitors to the past. Looking into the windows up above, you can sense the ghosts inside.

Washington Park is a safe haven as you are protected by the statues and soothed by the sound of a fountain nearby. Every sound echoes like a thousand bongs beating at once. So quiet you can hear your heartbeat. Even in darkness you can see the exquisite detail of the signs, fences and doorways. Just at the most silent moment, the bells of St Michaels ring reminding us of the humbleness of our mortality.  Shocked but still comforted.

On a weekend where all area hotels are sold to capacity, cars flooding the streets all day and tourist groups monopolizing the sidewalks, being the only living boy in Charleston for just a few minutes is a dream. The next time you can’t sleep, come to Broad Street and let the voices of the past guide you down the quiet streets.

Experience the architecture, decor, stillness of the trees and the rich deep history of the great city.


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