Charleston Shootings – Mood of the Country

Image provided by Star-Telegram

Image provided by Star-Telegram

There has been widespread emotion throughout the country and the world surrounding the tragic events that happened at 110 Calhoun Street on a fateful Wednesday evening.  A rallying cry has been heard from coast to coast from religious leaders to academics to citizens who have been taken back by one unforgivable act.

We would like to share some of the personal thoughts and commentary shared in the last few weeks:

With Charleston Shooting, a Time to Stop Teaching Children about the “History” of Racial Violence – NY Times

What the Aftermath of the Charleston Shootings Looked Like Through the Eyes of a Little Girl – Washington Post

A Bow to Charleston – Peggy Noonan Blog

Dallas coffee shot crafts banner of support for Charleston, SC shooting victims – Dallas Morning News

Cynthia G. Hurd, Librarian, Among Those Killed in Charleston Shooting – Library Journal

The Charleston Shooting – At Half-Mast – The Economist

America’s original sin manifests itself again in Charleston shootings – Catholic News Service

3 survivors of the Charleston church shooting grapple with their grief – The Charlotte Observer

Nancy Ares on Charleston Shooting and Dealing with White Privilege and Inequality – The Warner School of Education, University of Rochester

 Charleston shooting ‘sign of the times’ – Amarillo Globe-News

In South, grace and dignity after Charleston shootings – TribLive Media

These are only a few of the opinion and thoughts coming in throughout the country.  We wanted to share some of the media commentary in the aftermath of this tragic event.

Provided by MSNBC

Provided by MSNBC


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