Featured Charleston Food Blogger: Cookin’ With Booze, “My 10 Favorite Places to Eat/Drink North of the Crosstown”

By Elise DeVoe – Cookin’ With Booze

For the past three years I  lived in the heart of downtown Charleston and established my favorite places to eat/drink in my general vicinity. Now that I’ve graduated, I moved about a mile up the peninsula, which feels like 10 miles in Charleston distance. I’ve started to establish my new favorite eateries above the Crosstown (highway that goes through Charleston) and I figured I would share them so my fellow neighbors know where to get their grub/drink on.

1. Tattooed Moose

I lie awake at night thinking about the duck fat fries at Tattooed Moose; that’s how good they are. They are served with a garlic aioli that I’m convinced would make a piece of cardboard taste good. Definitely come to Tattooed Moose hungry because their meals are rich and filling. One of their sandwiches could put me in a happy food coma for weeks. Speaking of their sandwiches, the Duck Club is a must-try as well as their burger. You really can’t go wrong with anything there.

2. Revelry Brewing

With so many breweries in Charleston, it’s hard to choose which one to go to. I choose Revelry because it is conveniently located and they have a bomb rooftop. To complement the beer, they have a both Asian and Latin inspired dishes to munch on while you’re sippin’. They have also helped me branch out on my beer choices/ learn more about different types of beer that aren’t grapefruit shandy or Corona.

3. Faculty Lounge

The Faculty Lounge is one of my favorite happy hour spots, mostly because it’s ridiculously close to my house. During happy hour they have a selection of drinks ranging from $1-$6. For $1 you can get a “dad beer” and for $6 you can get the “Dealer’s Choice,” which is a cocktail crafted specifically for you. When I got the Dealer’s Choice for the first time, I just told the bartender I liked tequila and she crafted a spicy tequila drink that keeps me coming back for more. They also have pool and some delicious ramen, which makes it an ideal hang out spot.

4. Taco Boy

Guilty as charged, I definitely started going to Taco Boy before I moved above the Crosstown. I might’ve moved solely to be closer to their delicious margaritas… who knows… Regardless of my motives, Taco Boy is a reliable source of great drinks and tacos, so I will continue to be a loyal customer. Get their casa margarita, some street corn, and 2 fried chicken tacos and you will be one happy camper

5. Moe’s Crosstown

You can find me at Moe’s on any given Sunday watching the Panther’s game and chowing down on their classic bar food. Their fried mac and cheese is to die for. The breading is well seasoned and the inside is mac and cheese..need I say more? They also have half off burgers on Tuesdays, so you really can’t go wrong. I had their Patty Melt the last time I went and it was ooey gooey cheesy madness (in a good way). Definitely a great place to get apps and drinks or a full-blown dinner.

6.  Rodney Scott’s Barbecue

Barbecue joints are pretty much on every corner in Charleston, so it was easy to find a new go-to spot. I love the barbecue meat itself, don’t get me wrong, but honestly I’m all about the sides. I feel like the sides really make the meal, and Rodney Scott’s has their sides down pat. Their greens were definitely some of the best I’ve ever had and their cornbread was sweet deliciousness. To make something good even better, Rodney Scott’s has a drive thru (which could be dangerous for my health, but oh well). If you haven’t checked them out yet, get there and order their greens as your side, you won’t be disappointed.

7. The Harbinger

If I need to get some work done, The Harbinger is my go-to because I can treat myself to some baked goodies and coffee while I work. They have a variety of grab and go items as well as some tasty pastries. Although they have a wide variety of unique pastries, I usually am in the mood for the “Best Friend” cookie. The Best Friend cookie is basically a chocolate chip cookie taken to the next level. It has 3 different types of chocolate chunks, pearl sugar, and topped with sea salt. It is pure comfort and the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

8. Leon’s

Whenever my parents are in town, Leon’s is the first place my dad asks to go because he is an oyster fiend. I share his love of oysters, so it works out well. I am a big fan of their Fried Oyster sandwich. The “Comeback” sauce definitely lives up to its name because I keep coming back. I also am obsessed with their Brussels Sprouts. I grew up thinking Brussels Sprouts were stinky and gross because my dad microwaved them and it smelled up the whole house. Now that I’ve had them done the right way, I try them at a lot of places I go.

9. Pancito & Lefty

Pancito & Lefty is another neighborhood happy hour spot of mine. During happy hour, they have $4 signature cocktails as well as half off tacos. The crispy fish tacos are definitely the best ones I’ve tried. I am also a big fan of their guacamole and their tamales. Overall, the prices are very reasonable and the drinks are always unique and tasty.

10. Harold’s Cabin

Harold’s Cabin is unique in both the atmosphere and food. They drew me in with their $5 cocktails on Thursdays and I keep coming back for the food. If you’re looking for apps, definitely get the hush puppies and the smashed fries. Some of the ingredients come directly from their rooftop garden, which I think is an amazing accomplishment in itself. Speaking of the garden, my favorite cocktail involves their fresh rosemary grown in that garden. When you go, get the Salty Raccoon, which is tequila (obviously), fresh rosemary, lime juice, and smoked sea salt. Maybe I will try and replicate it home from the rosemary in my garden.

If you are looking for spots where the tourists can’t get to you, eating north of the Crosstown is the way to go. If you try any of these places, you will not be disappointed!

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