Fried Chicken – Original Poem (For our love of Southern Food)

By Mark A. Leon

By Mark A. Leon

Good Southern fried food is so often taken for granted in the South that it lacks the well deserved recognition it has earned.

It is the smell, the taste, the lingering warmth in our stomach that makes us yearn for this delicacy.  Fried chicken is a way of life and we would never give it up.  As a tribute to the beautiful gift of fried chicken, we have written an Ode.  We hope you enjoy this poetic tribute.

It is timely as July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day.

Fried Chicken – Original Poem

I love your thighs
I love your wings

I wanna dip you in oil
And all of those pretty things

I want your white meat and your dark too
I wanna peel off your skin and bite into you

You are the one that whets my appetite
As you crunch down my palate tonight

I wanna swallow you whole, bones and all
With a side of fries, dressed up in slaw

I can smell you from a mile away
Tasting your southern deliciousness is all I can say

Licking my lips, and fingertips too
I eat you up, nothing you can do

Now I am done, full and complete
My how I have adored your mouth watering meat

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