Hello Charleston!

Contributing writer Tatiana Fisher

Contributing writer Tatiana Fisher

My pick-up truck was bursting at the seams. A patient black lab lounged over all the cushy camping gear piled high in the back seat. The utility trailer we were pulling was riding low at its maximum for weight, stuffed full of my possessions, which included a giant crate with a yowling, old cat inside. One very new boyfriend pulled us to a slow stop at our final destination- Charleston, SC. The night sky was clear, the air smelled briny and felt like it wrapped me in a damp kiss. That April evening I was ready for a great bottle of red wine and to start my new life adventure.

I am notorious among my “settled” friends for seeking my true calling and exploring all the paths that may lead to it. I’ve tried on small town Oregon rodeo queen, but it was too tiny and shiny, plus my elbow hurt from waving. What about a barista master of Alaska? Mt. McKinley to greet you every morning…oh wait, I have to be awake like how early every morning? Grandma insisted I be the college gal of Arizona, but after four years that should come to an end. A master’s degree, perhaps? It’s about time the Bourbon Street bartender reevaluates where her life is going when she is watching a giant red blob on the tv blowing into town so that new life path went to Texas. I glowed as an animal rescue gal in Jackson, Wyoming because, really, does anyone find their true calling in freakin Texas? Nothing fit for very long, so I did some research and guess what city kept showing up on the radar?

I believe that all my exploration of the country and my remarkable life experiences led me to where I was always meant to be- right here in Charleston, South Carolina. Everything that I love and desire is at my fingertips in this grand southern locale. Culture, food, history, great outdoor opportunities, and (oh yes!) no snow on the ground for seven months of the year – blessed heat! I want to explore the many reasons people live in Charleston and offer you ideas of how to get involved with the unique people and happenings that make this the place we love to call home. I am excited to be joining the team at Charleston Daily with a “new gal to the city adventure” blog.

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