Hurricane Hugo – 28 Years Later (Reflections in Pictures and Video)

“I’ll wait for you, should I fall behind, wait for me” – Bruce Springsteen

On or about midnight on September 21/22 will mark the 28th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo sending a destructive path through Charleston and its neighboring beaches and towns.  For many, this was the most difficult period of their lives, overcoming life threatening conditions, losing homes and trying to find ways to start again.  Over the next several months after, the area had to find a way to begin again and bring back the Southern warmth and beauty it had known for hundreds of years.

After all was said and done there were 27 fatalities in South Carolina from the effects of Hurricane Hugo.

Locals and citizens from neighboring towns and districts reached deep within their hearts and helped their fellow friends.  Bringing sand to the beaches, laying a foundation where a home once stood, providing shelter to strangers now without homes and giving food and warmth when needed.

We were and continue to be a resilient and proud area, who has overcome much adversity so the sun may shine each day and we can continue to say how proud we are of our home.

Hugo was an event we should never forget.  It was tragic, but in the end, we found a way to rebuild and become stronger than ever before.

We would like to take you back to those days, weeks and months and provide a pictorial remembrance of Hurricane Hugo, 28 Years Ago.



















Remember our past and find strength in our ability to remain stable.

One of the most symbolic remembrance markers of this event is the Folly Boat.  This boat that remained after the path of destruction is today used to show our sense of community, one message at a time.

The next time you at at White Point Gardens at The Battery, walk through the gates of the Battery Park Carriage House.  Just on the left you will see the water line damage from Hurricane Hugo and know just how powerful a hit we took and more importantly how we persevered and grew as one single community.



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