Linda Page for Mayor of Mount Pleasant – The Right Choice


  • Yesterday: “I was educated here, raised a family here, and run businesses here. I have strong roots in our community, and I will respect our past while building our future.”
  • Today: “I understand the issues we face today, and I will take a proactive role with crowded schools, traffic and road improvements, and rapid growth and development.”
  • Tomorrow: “I have a vision of a community that encourages citizen engagement, education, work opportunity, quality public services and recreational opportunities.” – Linda Page, candidate for 2013 Mayor of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, the citizens of Mount Pleasant will be electing a mayor. With global and national acclaim, highway infrastructure changes, a new waterfront pier, extensions in housing, business development and an evolving community driven by expansion and change, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is a focal point in the growth of the Charleston community. It needs a leader with local roots that values tradition and history, one that defines courage, understands business and believes in family, community, education and safety.

Linda Page wants to be the new voice of Mount Pleasant. As a successful business woman, mother and council woman, her preparation for the next step in her political journey is finalized. She is ready to embark on a new stage in public service and lead the town forward into the future so that current and future generations have a town to be proud of.

Linda is a single mom with two beautiful children, loves to garden, cook, research, engage in great conversation and enjoy an occasional glass of wine when she has a moment to unwind. Yes, each and every morning morning, her focus is on the community.


On a shoestring budget of $550 in 2009 and a single goal to improve a playground that was wasting away, Linda not only gained a seat on the council but won with a record 4400 votes. As a women with no political background, this was a moment that set the stage for a future in public service. During her tenure, her team has worked hard to facilitate infrastructure improvements, new business development and improving the over crowding of the schools, as well as forecast changes in the future. As the area continues to receive global recognition, population increases will become part of the future and necessary changes will need to happen. Currently, proposals are in place for more efficient education, better mass transit and road improvements to promote harmony with all vehicles including bikes, walkers, drivers and motorcycles.

Linda knows that the city needs to be proactive, partner with other municipalities and continue to focus on the people and the community. Linda vision is creating a town that built on strong education, charitable partnerships, health and wellness, safety and social engagement for today and future generations.

The warmth in her voice, the dedication to the community and her focus on positive change make her a strong candidate for Mayor of Mount Pleasant.


Linda and her family have been active in the community since 1959 and there are no signs of slowing down.

Linda Page for Mayor

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