Minero brings an allure of trendy Mexican and cocktails East Bay Street

By Mark A. Leon

By Mark A. Leon

Minero Charleston, located at 155 East Bay Street puts a new twist on trendy Mexican dining.  With careful architectural design and extreme attention to the tiniest details, your dining experience takes you far beyond the food and beverages.  As you enter the intimate establishment, you are taken in immediately by the brick and concrete walls with ceramic numbering on the walls to denote the tables.  You will notice immediately, there is no silverware or napkins on the table.  They are neatly placed in a drawer just under the table to allow the patron to prepare the setting the way they please.  At the conclusion of your meal, you will not find your bill in a black book but a hand crafted Minero wooden bill, pen and credit card holder.  The detail and design truly authenticated the unique dining experience.

Many will need to use the unisex restaurant to wash up or release from the cocktails shared.  Even if you don’t have the urge, take a moment to experience the gigantic dungeon-like allure of the rest room.

How to best describe Minero:  If you take Taco Boy and the Cocktail Club and have a beautiful love child, it will closely resemble this eatery. One thing you will notice about the menu, is that there is no a rhyme and reason to the layout.  You won’t see categories or listings in order and we appreciated that.  The menu didn’t bias us with a taco or burrito section.  It made us think through our choices.  Do not feel overwhelmed, because the food menu is only one page.

To begin our dining excursion, we shared a catfish taco.  I must say, without hesitation, they are one of the best in the Charleston gourmet taco scene.  The exception combination of fried catfish, pickled green tomato tartar, cabbage and red onion on a warm soft shell was a true indulgence that left me wanting more.  Each bite packed a rainbow of flavor and spice.  I won’t lie, it was messy, but then again the best tacos are.

Minero Burrito (Half)

Minero Burrito (Half)

The next course was the Minero Burrito.  This disclaimer is very important.  This is a sharable burrito.  If you have a monster appetite and have not eaten all day, you may pull this off, but it is a extremely big meal.  Wrapped tightly in foil wrap with a Minero sticker to lock in the freshness, the presentation was a great first impression.

What a well constructed meal.  If you are looking for a very creamy traditional burrito, this is not what you will see.  With large black beans, slices of avocado, queso de Oaxaca, crema, hoppin john and poblano, this is a complete pool of masterful flavors I have not witnessed in a long time.

I did reference the Cocktail Club earlier.  Minero has an exquisite selection of liquor that stretches far beyond tequila and their fun and talented bartenders make some of the finest cocktails in the French Quarter.  Whether you are dining or just having cocktails with friends, the restaurant is small and it does get loud.  I think it best if we mention that.  Then again, who doesn’t expect loud when you are spending an evening in downtown Charleston.

Overall, from the service to the food to the cocktails to the decor, Minero offers a casual and trendy gourmet Mexican experience to be enjoyed and savored.

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