Take the Charleston Pledge

We are calling on all Charlestonians, far and wide to stand together in solidarity and take the Charleston pledge with us.

Charleston Pledge

I ______________ take the Charleston pledge today.  As part of my commitment to making the City of Charleston healthy, clean, harmonious and warm, I

  • Pledge to always use my turn signal when I am making a turn in my vehicle
  • Pledge to never toss a cigarette or ash from my car window while I am driving
  • Pledge to never take up the entire sidewalk while walking downtown and respecting those other walkers around me
  • Pledge to not stop driving in the middle of the road to take a picture of a house or carriage
  • Pledge to never drink and drive, so we can help reduce the number of driving fatalities and keep the roadways safe for everyone
  • Pledge to not verbally attack someone a social platform because they have an opinion or thought that differs from you
  • Pledge to accept everyone who lives here for who they are, regardless of where they were born
  • Pledge to keep our beaches and parks clean by removing everything we came in with and remove trash you may see
  • Pledge to walk only in the appropriate cross walks and not jaywalk causing potential dangers for drivers
  • Pledge to share the roads, respecting all bikers, walkers, rickshaws and carriages
  • Pledge to treat all members of the community with the same respect, whether they live on the East Side, Westside, North, French Quarter or West Ashley
  • Pledge to remember the small businesses that built this great city who are now fighting for their personal livelihood

If each of us takes this pledge, we can ensure a safe and happy future for ourselves, our children and generations to come.

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