Charleston Hidden Nature Treasure: Dock Street Park

One thing about being a resident of Charleston is that you never stop discovering new and wonderful places if you let your curiosity take you off the beaten path.  We are a complex set of waterways, inlets, peninsulas and park systems that allow us to lose ourselves in wonder.

Just a half a mile off of Folly Road and just 3 1/2 miles from downtown Charleston, there is a small piece of land that will take you away and let you be you.

On an evening just this week, we went to the end of the dock, where there is a picnic bench, enjoyed a bottle of Italian red wine and took photographs of the sunset over the marsh.  In the distance, a teen in a white tee-shirt played guitar, two women shared the dock with us and later as the sun set to the west a couple sat on the rocking bench as their dogs wandered the park.

This small hideaway offers so much in so little space:

  • You can fish off the pier into the marsh
  • View of the sunrise and sunset
  • View of Harbor View Road, James Island Connector and the Cooper River Bridge
  • Romantic rocking bench
  • Swing sets
  • Picnic tables and a small grill
  • Secluded and safe
  • Stunning views

Let us go on a photographic journey together and you too will fall in love.

Welcome to Dock Street Park

Look at the reflection of the clouds in the water

The tree stump adds something special

Who is up for a swing?

The tree stump adds something special

Birdhouse in the marsh

Time for a walk on the pier

Even the clouds are rejoicing

Sunrise moment

If you are looking for a quiet escape, a romantic swing, great photo opportunity, a picnic or some personal serenity time, find your way to Dock Street Park.  It will leave a lasting impression.

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