Smile You Are on Instagram: Charleston’s Top Instagram Accounts to Follow

Are you taken away every day by the incredible beauty, intrigue and artistic canvas of Charleston.  From the sunsets to the architectural decor, this is a city with a foundation that would make any artist blush.  Some amazing photographers and observers have been helping to document this for all the world to see.

We would like to invite you to follow some of the finest Charleston based Instagram accounts and become part of Charleston.  Come with me as we Feel Charleston together.

You may already follow some of these visual historians.  If not, show you love and support and add them to your daily slideshow.

Explore Charleston – explorecharleston

Charleston Lowcountry – charleston_lowcountry

Charleston Daily – charleston_daily

Charleston Baker Gal – charlestonbakergal

Historic Charleston Foundation – historiccharlestonfoundation

Official Account Charleston SC – charlestonsc

Charleston Pictures – charlestonpictures

Mark Swick – mnswick

Daily Charleston – dailycharleston

Charleston Magazine – charlestonmag

Charleston SC Tour – charlestonsctour

College of Charleston – collegeofcharleston

Sailing Charleston – sailingcharleston1

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