Hometown Girl: Ode to the Charleston Girl – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

You’re my pretty little hometown girl
Born and raised the Carolina way
Classy in ribbons and bows and sassy I must say
Proud and sexy in her dark blue jeans
The kind of girl you wanna be

Country in her heart, party in her soul
She’ll win your heart with pretty her little charm and burn you down like her great grandpa’s town

I see her on the beach, free as a bird
Looking all fine with her tan and smile
Wishing she was mine for all time

Dreaming of that sundress under the stars
A glass of wine dark and red
A silly little Darius song in her head

Beautiful and fine as a girl can be
Wishing she was right back home with me

A daddy’s girl praying to the church and sky on a Sunday morn
A Southern girl as cute as pie
Her momma sees her past and remembers when her youth would last as she gazes into her daughter’s eyes

As the sun raises past the steeples, the celebration begins
With those cowboy boots and mini skirt, she dances in the fields as the radio plays
She feels like a woman in so many ways
This hometown girl knows what it’s like
To be proud and free on these hot Southern days

Born and raised an American girl
Roots so strong, just the family way

This hometown girl loves the simple way
BBQ and beer, value and steer

I love coming home to see that hometown girl
Like the smell of cornbread and the feel of the ocean breeze
That girl still brings me to my knees

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