South Carolina Film Commission Offers a Beautiful Visionary Reel of the History of Film in South Carolina

South Carolina has offered a beautiful background for many critically acclaimed independent and major film releases.  With its endless skylines, majestic mountains, bold horizons and restored historic geography, South Carolina has been a seamless supporting actor in so many of our favorite films from “The Notebook”, to “The Patriot” to “Cold Mountain” and more.

  • Did you know “The Abyss” was filmed in Gaffney, South Carolina?
  • Did you know “Sleeping with the Enemy” was filmed in 3 South Carolina cities?
  • “Cold Mountain” offers scenes of Edisto Beach and Moncks Corner….and so much more you will learn.

The South Carolina Film Commission has put together this timeless fourteen minute reel outlining some of the great cinema filmed in our great state.

This video will bring back personal memories and you may even shed a tear.

Make some popcorn, pour a nice glass of wine and enjoy this celebration of film in South Carolina.

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