The spirit of humanity shines in Charleston

By Mark A. Leon

Over the last weeks, all eyes have been on Hurricane Matthew with early projections indicting a direct land hit on Charleston, South Carolina and potential Category 4 catastrophic levels of damage.

From the onset we were no longer IOP, Folly Beach, Mount Pleasant, James Island, Daniel Island or North Charleston. We once again became one United community unified the only way we know how; Charleston Strong

Without panic, without fear, we gathered and braced. With a wonderfully organized evacuation and preparation plan we took all the necessary measures to secure our home and preserve our beauty.

Temporarily the aesthetics of our Southern elegance were replaced with wooden panels with spray painted messages urging Matthew to go away.


As the eye moved north, the rest of the country eagerly waited with us. During those trying hours we shared. We shared information, images, and warnings, but mostly importantly, stories of the human spirit.

At the heart of any tragedy is the will of humanity to reach into the core of its soul and find the best in each other.

We once again found our best. As the winds continue and we wave the eye goodbye, we will begin the process to clean, return home, open up businesses and schools, and restore peace once again in our pleasant Southern home.  Power remains out for many and safety remains a number one priority, but over the horizon we sense a beautiful tomorrow.

We only have to look back one year ago at the Thousand Year Flood and sixteen months ago at Mother Emanuel to remember how our faith has been tested. Once again, I can say with a smile, we have overcome adversity to see the sun rise once again.

The the citizens, families and all those that kept us in their prayers we thank you

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