Why I Like Charleston – Perspective of a 6-year-old

My name is Danny and I am six years old.  I love my mommy and daddy and live in a nice house with a dog and a fence.  We also have a cat named Pete, but he doesn’t like people.

I like Charleston, that is my home.  I have trouble spelling it, but Mommy says I will learn soon.  In the Summer, I like to play in the fountain and watch the sailboats in the water.  I love watching the fish in the fish tanks and the big bear bones.  I used to be scared of the bears and dinosaurs, but I am brave now.

If I am nice, I get a moon pie when we walk around.  I love moon pies and ice cream and skipping on the bumpy roads.

I also love horses.  When they come down the street, I scream and laugh and sometimes when they stop, they let me pet them.  They are so soft.  Then dad gets all talkie and starts telling me about people that lived here a long time ago.

We also like to walk down some of my favorite streets with the pretty trees above and count all the numbers on the houses.  We also do I Spy for angel figures.

On Saturdays, we go to the park so I can play on the giant slide and listen to the music.  We walk the dog and mommy and daddy buy all our veggies.  Yucky, but they bride me with a waffle stick.  It works until I have to eat veggies later that night.

On special days, we go to the beach.  I love the beach.  Love, love, love.  I run in the water and run out and dig holes in the sand.  I can stay there forever.

Certain days a year, Daddy remembers grandpa and his time wearing a uniform.  We go to the big boat on the harbor and look at all the pictures and play on the big planes.  I love the planes.  I feel like I am in space.

At night, Daddy likes to take me fishing under the big bridge.  I think he likes it more than me, but we do catch a lot of smelly fishes.  Not as good as peanut butter and jelly, but I can get used to it.  On the way home, we put the top down and I get to scream as we cross the giant bridge.

On Sunday’s we go to church.  I don’t really get a lot of what they say, but everyone dresses so nice and I get to wear my bowtie.  Mommy helps me put it on.  I don’t like the bells.  They are loud.  I do like the singing.

Mommy and Daddy say they are thankful we live in a safe place.  Soon I will have a little brother or sister.  I hope I get to take them to all my favorite places.

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